Terms of use define proprietary claims of intellectual property in general and/or specifically in form function systems process, as it were, of course, pending further review.

These terms are continuously as capably subject to immediate alteration, altercation and/or alliteration, among other things.

So, stay tuned, sports fans...


You hereby agree that none of the parties are over, if we aren't having fun yet, then that's OUR problem, and why not?

Reconsider the error of your ways, count your blessings and better bet be next time!


Like navels, everyone has one.

"The only bad press is your own obituary."

Middle Age Aphorism

"Forgiveness is the scent of violet shed on the heel crushing it."

Mark Twain

"It's hard to waste a bad education."

Mark Train

"People in hell want ice water."


On failing to dazzle with brilliance;

"Why have you described hidden agendas and ulterior motives of surreptitious democrat ethics which as being neither deontological nor teleological are a moving target you identify as false syllogisms resulting from non-sequitur and tautological deficiencies of mere situational "ethics" essentially no more than but Malleable Plasticity Insulting Intelligence?"

To a widely trusted undisclosed source, a contemporaneous professional publication reporter, replied,

"To remedy misappropriated maladaptive psychosocial inquisition, you can baffle some people sometimes, but not all people always," Abe Lincoln.

(New World Translation [Abbreviated])