Escher's Mirror Image, Id entity, Reflection


Correspondence and Notes

Purple Haze


"All learned from presence and absence of 

truth success and failure teach one."

Sitting Cloud

Dare Editor,

This is clausibly reliable proof how I can't price worth a shit, especially by academic measures. I can't sing, I can't dance, and my legs are thin, by conventional standards, too. Nevertheless, there and/or then, more ways than one, how many thinners does it take to thin a that?

"Disgusting inference discussed in fur rents taste die jesting waste digesting haste."

Adam Schiff, pasted and basted, verbatim

Conditioning and desensitization rendering previously anomalous events seemingly inocuous manifests authority disorder, most plausibly caused by TDS.

To be put out of its misery, self destruction "irrationalizes" defense of group big ego executed in act successive approximations.

This media tactic sells copy.

BHO sold out.

He shall precede the peak poke, ill-spoken WJC in order of due process results of investigation informants flipped under HRC, third from the last, before BHO on the sequence listed in logical order from the base inferiors, tapering on up through a colossal pile of waste compiled.

Bless you,

Derrick the Orange

Dare Editor,

Being supreme, although not perfect, superlative is not usefully comparative. The creation evolution growth demonstrates learning process trial and error prove eternal.

Albeit less ostensibly intelligent, not only do animals remember and anticipate events and objects, but as can tree rings also document natural data, so can soil sediment metamorphosis through granite to basalt teach, geology, for example.

Starlight spectral absorption lines limn elemental quantum signature, and double helices track genetic troves.

Data permeate any as all existence at memory speed through continuity as follows sequence must connect in terms of use, logic, relates from cause to effect memory reflect, next, reason.

Discontinuity breaks a part as dynamic degrades to stasis identity crises of character cult of personality in breed as spawn scores gone viral ego fed.

Absolute inviolablity, the one, true LAW just decrees that, for having exceeded whole path deviance tolerance, form function lost beyond the point of no return disconnects force from any appeal to sanction still forever after, in oblivion.

Wishing well will,


Dire Editor,

Circlear analogic hollowering inspectations:

My old pal from Los Alamos, "LApal," we'll say, ca 1969AD, occasionaly claimed, "This is MY mountain peak. Go find your own, somewhere else.

That old Tuskeegee Airman's grandson who wants to look down at the world can join LApal and me.

In 1972, from Denver, via 14th and College on the Boulder Hill, I went up, and never came down.

I couldn't even if I tried.

I'm just too damned buoyant.

"¡Hasta tamales!"

Ancient Albuquerque aphorismic quirk,

Kurt Kennedy Kirtland

Dare Editor,

Thoroughly throughout nature, what could ever anywhere not be any memory as a matter of record?

Rock formations record real events on many levels, for a couple of examples, in terms of sediments and fossils.

What make tree rings true are more or less directly contingent on how genes echo starlight remembering why quanta, spin, charge and flux self propagate wave sinusoidal function in form through orbital periodics.

To render relatively poor fact as artifice in merely manufactured information, we attenuate pure fact from data in abstract terms all might one true history past present future destiny.

Here, now,

Neville Brando

Dare Editor,

Isn't this the way things have happened ever since the dark ages, even before Gutenberg's press spawned mass media?

What's "changed," really?

We still lie.

As at the root of evil, we lie...

Predator and prey lie.

Sematics lie like semantics.

Indeed, who lie in peace?

Better bet be no rest for the wicked.

Blessed, be best assured,

Earl L. McLaughlin

Dare Editor,

The center of infinite space is everywhere, like here.

The middle of an infinite time is anytime, as now.

Apparently less concerned with the office presently held most appropriately by the man in the White House whose office is rather uniquely oval, these lunatics worry more about ego deflation costing them their pride as gay as if dignity pretense wasted, twisting in the wind, left.

Say "Hi" for me,

Brad Raybury

Dare Editor,

Behavior properties are inherited by example in manners accommodated for social cohesion in group integrity, the prime group being the immediate family.

This is the building block of stable human being within relations among families.

Critical infrastructure maintains essential cognitive facilities furnished with roof brain potential.

Waste not, want not,

Ernest T. Coors

Dare Editor,

Vindication and retribution simply go hand-in-hand with Nature, as God is the one, true LAW, must just maintain primal balance, whether we like it or not, one way or another, come hell and high water.

This is always a matter of record, no matter what derogate history.


Jerome Jackson Bartholomeaux VIX

Dare Editor,

Rather than you deign to my lower view, our horizons broaden more if I raise mine.

Professor-ego bleeds through hemorrhaging culture silence echoes.

Metaposiopesis loops circumvent rigid form uppercase-connect-the-periods:

.. uncertain about being able to fathom at local length through depth of yield prior to the moment God let there be light yet cast shade here as where as when object fraction mediates between the source of glowing and knowing is..

Exit right,

Don John

Dare Editor,

The Creation neither ever began nor shall ever end in an eternal process of evolution being supreme form function to oppose as contradict entropy, decomposition and rot as natural tides rise and fall in periodic patterns memory anticipates events cause effect span continuity age.

We have God-given right to blow the governor's "legality" to hell. That, madam, is the natural LAW, of Supreme Being, which has always superseded and subordinated positive "law" of men.

Heed warnings of history:

"Our politics come from the muzzles of our guns."


Mao Tse Tung

Learn to bode.

An honorably discharged USAF vet and registered Republican, I can shoot, too, with or without your or any "governor's" permission, or blessings.


Sincerely Ours,

Turd Ferguson

Dare Editor,

I studied geometry.

Ned liked proofs.

They vexed me.

Successive approximations succeed.

He was about a year younger, in the ninth grade during my sophomore disaster. Slow motion catastrophe spanned from Albuquerque to Boston in mid-sixty-eight.

I went full retard.

It was Ned's fault.

He started it.

I finished it.

We argued for discovery dialectic.

Didactic exercise prompted proof practice.

It was more comic than tragic.

I was slower and he was lower.

He doesn't practice trial law, but a JD with an information science PhD, the esoteric professor does deep legal research.

I "retired" before thirty, after nearly getting killed working derricks on a drill rig in Utah.

I won the last 2/3 of our chess games after his junior year and my parole.

I sent him some tokens of merit before discounting his disregard.

Once, pathetically surrendering to some maniacal albeit astoundingly controlled outrage that an argument was plainly trending in my favor, after formal proof, the proverbial coup de gras, but interrupting before the standard QED, figuratively breath-moistening finger nails before polishing them on my chest, and so on, the little prick popped off,

 "There's no such thing as proof."


The tragic dragon.

I wanted to hit him.

Instead, we walked.

He was doing most of the talking while I argued in my head, both for and against dignifying any of this with any response.

This happened more often as he apparently felt permission, license or bullshit, until I just told him to prove it.

Dodging bullets, ballots and bullshit,


Dare Editor,

Petty billionaires bore.

Be bet better than long ago seeing beyond mere slight visions of thought suddenly so voluminously ballooning out from here to everywhere at once in metaspectacular epidimension mental particulate matter more than but imagination figments so far as out of sight beyond mortal mind comprehend way back when less connected, all things paratemporally relate to present immediate spontaneity diafined physics termine?

Double edge cuts both ways, like lost face look Janis took for granite instead of basalt fault line flaw geological scales measure fails continuity in form function work well to just hold water withstand flow symmetrical cyclical balance haft heft left know tautological protext past present future means odds chance evens ends crease fabrication express prompt articulate argument logic binary cipher base fact benefit cost rational terms of use, among other things!

Who diaffend whom?

Stay tuned, sports fans...


Dare Editor,

DM notes:

Not knowing fact is stupid.

Ignoring it is ignorant, in terms of elementary definition.

Convergent context thoughts parallel events conventionally recognized as "coincidences".

Passively stupid is bad as dumb albeit nevertheless as a relatively innocent mere child.

Actively ignorant is ill-willfully worse, but worst of all is having gone nuts due to being no longer able and/or willing to discriminate stupid from ignorant.

#LittleBigTech 4D intersectionality is coming...

... converging with "Waterluyahoogle".

Is an overlord a lord of over?

Merit artifice figures.


Dare Editor,

Heads up, sports fans!

12-20-19 email to U. S. Senator Cory Gardner's Pueblo office:


To correct this "paucity of evidence" in this "Constitutionally incoherent" misrepresentation of facts, the Senate must fulfill its duty to America.


Mark A. Cameron

Dare Editor,

If universal critical mass limits mega-singularity mass accretion sufficient as by omnipresent infinite cosmic mass drawn back out in big bangs, then universal mass is a cosmic finite constant equal to universal critical mass.

Prosper long,

Blake Williams 

Dare Editor,

Responsible adult supervision academically AWOL retards more learning abilities consequential arrested development obstructs vis à vis low-information degrees of separation grade class warfare fraught Freudian ego defense mechanism schemata conflicts negotiate a superego with id.

This insults our common intelligence & American ingenuity, in my modestly humble opinion, of course, pending further review, if you will, so to say what a crock of crap this preposterously absurd utter nonsense really is, in fact, plain as obvious to any sane, among other things.

Must the best sign of legitimately valid gun use as really the most effective as a legal deterrent against criminals, be a leftist fear of honest upstanding citizens just as prepared to defend our God-given rights sanctioned by 2A as were our ancestral minutemen?

Finally succumbing to long verbosity lust, a formerly recent website editor dashboard option beckoning to edit the host company corporate standard text terms of use defined by yours truly, boilerplate legalese, characteristically stylized, became my friend.

Are we having fun yet?

"Words failing in form success function learns limit asymptotic insolvency."

Emile Litella, LL

"When you get to heaven, God won't examine your credentials, certificates or degrees.

"He will look for scars."

Elbert Hubbard

Trying to just be as conventional as consistent with 10-1=F for hexadecimal base16, for base64, having run short of alphabetic lower case characters after z (for 10-3) how are 10-2 & 10-1 represented with at least reasonably similar conventional consistency?

Could following the ancient examples of Greek di-gamma, twice Г, i.e. F, & Romanesque double-U (V), i.e. W, be any help, perhaps with a "du(o)-Z," upper & lower case for Z+1, at least so du-z is 10-1?

For a square matrix to solve n variables with n equations, are too many variables reached long before or after a "du-z"?

For example, just how many variables are in so many human equations required to solve the problem of man against man sentenced as condemned to the murder of a murderer by state sanction as now so dumbly preempted by abortion?

If all things always change, then the only exception of all things most essential must be change, itself, to not vary natural character in intrinsic property.

Cognitively compromised as intellectually curbed by a deeply disturbed educational system, and/or emotionally stunted by dramatic "art," from Peter Pan (never grow up) to NFL kneelers, renders some more malleable to response shaped for weapons grade MK-Ultra personality disorder.

Your avid spectator,

Albert E. Newman

Fanfare for the Common Man

Dare Editor,

Michener spins fine lines thread weft warp wound profound, as for example woven webs history past present future destiny yet score and more before and after craft master faster than sight at the speed of dark probes memory, Lame Beaver's gold shot killed Rude Water in CENTENNIAL.

It's all matter of record.

Your friendly neighborhood dude,

Jeremiah Jackson Bartholomeaux VIX

Dare Editor,

If iHeart radio is a subsidiary of Fox, then whose side is who on, in this iHeart KCSJ AM590 cheap ad hype selling US out?

To wit:

"Thanks for listening on your smart speaker!"

Guess again, DUMBASS:

Alexa fail



No way in hell


Lost in the scuffle,

Milton John

Dare Editor,

With mob rule out of global machine control, and/or nanorobotic vaccine immunologically unsound iatragenic catastrophic failure irony, for examples of a couple of likely scenarios, if we wipe ourselves out, then who and/or what might miss us?

Our pets would most plausibly be stressed emotionally by our relatively sudden absence.

How about our working animals, like junkyard dogs and horses, or our valuable agricultural stock? They're about as utterly dependent on us as are our less-tame zoo specimens, and far more expendable guinea pigs, white mice, dogs, cats, simian and ape lab specimens, huh?

Were we to suddenly vanish in the brief span of a singlularly transient generation, would circus animals feel worse, or better?

How about "game"?

Indeed, if an Asteroid or Kuiper Belt, Oort Cloud or interstellar anomalous large body directly collided with and splashed earth into mere mists' vaporized elemental infinitesimality, what aliens, angels, ghosts, goblins and/or gods could really notice, much less likely care what we "glory and power," in the name of fury and thunder, amount to much ado about something for nothing?

Sincerely whose?


Dare Editor,

We all might doom ourselves, our world of ego supremacy & our destiny, but earth is a far more ancient natural integrity mass memory conserves nevertheless.

We are no threat to earth.

We merely threaten ourselves with our preposterous arrogance.

If we are so self-destructive as to stubbornly refuse to learn from trial & error, then the creation shall be better off if we fail its test of evolution, morality & divine purpose to recognise as becoming more than we are now.

Nihilistic eschatology based on "The Science" is tantamount to such folly as false belief, faith & religion, which defies human spirit, much as have a vast majority of establishment institutionalized religions. Seeking a rationale for so-called "dark energy" is no different than the errant Mueller gang trying rival political "suspects" charged by renegade in search of politically convenient manufactured "crimes".

"Dark energy" is like the Russia hoax originally perpetrated on McCain in 2006, a decade before the same script written by the same traitors that changed the names to persecute the innocent in 2016.

"Dark energy" is about as new as Dewey Larson's Reciprocal System theory from the sixties. (Look it up.)

Less than a century ago, the vast majority view was of the Milky Way comprising the entire universe, until Hubble published photos of nearby galaxies captured from then previously unimaginable distances across vast regions of the void.

Michelson & Morley had just recently failed to sustain the ether theory, & Einstein relativity bolstered existentialism.

Hubble so shocked people that many well-established scientists couldn't handle his prima facie evidence of existence beyond the familiar Milky Way.

His further research into spectroscopic analysis of starlight absorption lines to identify stellar elemental composition led to the red-shift scaler measurements of enormous distances being greater in proportion to electromagnetic Doppler effect. Hence, Hoyle vs Gamov off to explain universal expansion, "the" big bang, & now "Dark Energy" as a philosophical basis for abandoning our ultimate common destiny just in fortune rather than doomed fate.

But what if there's really more to come than we have allowed the vast majority of ourselves to imagine?

Fancy the far simpler explanation for universal expansion as just being gravity?

Einstein eschewed "spooky action at a distance" as his rationale for rejecting Newtonian physics, but what if what looms over all event horizons is a far more distant reach by other universes, recycling through each other in an eternally constant milieu of being drawn out from universal critical masses "big gangs" collect from so-called "big bangs" recollected cosmic debris remnants continuously shifting shapes among infinite cosmic mass, among other things?

May the meek inherit the earth as the heavens beckon the bold heirs?

Is it up to us?

Your friendly neighborhood worm,


Dare Editor,

How plausible was "theorhetorical" physicist Mikio Kaku's sage advice to his graduate students, thought he,

"Ya gotta know who to suck up to"?

Are too many grammatical errors in his ignorant statement to reflect on elementary syntax, logic and reason, within 280 characters written comment?

Has he another "thought" coming?

What are your thoughts?

Brad Raybury

Dare Brad,



Dare Editor,

In old age, probably too late for ever, by this date, trying to make amends for dumb stuff done that I know better than, now, after all, finally, I'm probably going to hell anyway, but it will be with the divine satisfaction of knowing that the devil isn't happy with me, either.

Dare Editor,

Odds favor my wife's "MaNuggifts" over commercial biomess, self-indulged "imagentility," waxing medieval.

If I didn't think better, I might be led to know I lost track somewhere back here between the joke and the punchline on the way to a better finish than this absurd reduction.

They're desolately reprehensible, in my modestly humble opinion, to be democrats, of course, pending further review, as it were, in the colloquy vernacular, put on by Schiff, Castro, Putin et al, absolutely obsolete as dance pole erect WJC between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Constant rehearsal evermore elaborate plea contingency relevant practice prematurely evoke spousal boredom, particularly definitive in terms of use, pending further review, in a modestly humble opinion, as it were, becomes boilerplate legalese count blessings, among other things.

Muhammad Al Deash


Dare Editor,

Long ago, when young, I signed a blank resume pending review, edition, recording, measuring and filing by the company.

My pay grade doesn't even allow me access to my company name, much less rank and serial number, pending further review, among other things.

.. of relation positive affirms as denies negative separation compare degrees..

H* Thou shalt not covet belief in faith or .

Hebrew blood continues on course through posterity pulse rate race fast nature balance dwell in time to spell rhythm well.

"A chain is as strong as well as ill its weakest link."

Timeless parable, "periphrased"

As no other nation erred as much as the most tried, no more taught as learned rival vied.

Whereas observation measure and record data more directly, translation interprets indirect information records measure.

What incisive bit as wit but hurt?


James Ulysses Jones, LL

* Zero in neo-Roman numeral form


Karm Ruthar MacEron

RP Staff Writer







.. if one look bare plead to the other

when then to there where far led

eternity here

now closer near clear

tomorrow past borrow

from father paid interest mother,

then principle profit pled

would history hear

dare dream hope and fear

fade happy though sorrow,

from Abel, fled covetous brother

fed pulse bled mob rule spread read

war weary appear

soon destiny 'ere

rhyme space time place yarrow

death wary rust irony smother

dread heard "courage" said badge red..


Dare Editor,

Who wonder, occasionally, if men get more worried about women than women get worried about men because it's just natural, as obvious?

Woman views woman as rival, and man as ally.

Do women get more worried about men than women?

It's plain.

(No pun intended.

None taken, I'm sure.)

Instinct tried as true keeps strong all the creation.

We all know her average potential maximum is about 1.33 offspring per year and his at least a thousand times hers.

He, over a thousand times as biologically as genetically expendable, by the numbers means as about reciprocally much ado.

Albert E. Newman



Narration Left Pending


Muhammad Al Deash


...Oh, I don't know, but I've been told

the river runs low when the cotton's old.

I never should have known if I hadn't been sold

for a pound of silver, or an ounce of gold...

...Please, "Mr. Free,"

don't sell my liberty.

It costs too much

for your Midas touch,

so, you better just let me be...

...Oh, I've been told, but I don't know

why We got sold out, as long ago,

when the world turns cold as cowards grow,

and a lie is one tough row to hoe...


Dare Editor,

While it's a lot of fun to occasionally just let loose and act like a rude, crude, unrefined, socially unacceptable and obnoxious boor, I'm actually a pretty subtle guy, in my modestly humble opinion, of course, pending further review, as it were, if you will, among other things.





October 25, 2019

Those in the proverbial "know" use the term "50-50" as a tongue-in-cheek and/or so-called, "cheeky," Arabic numeral translation from Roman.

RPE 10-25-19

Who Count

"Call me a ham sandwich."

James Clapper,

(according to sources >6° of separation from reality, "rif-raff," and/or Adam Schiff, pending further review, in humbly modest opinion, if you will, as it were, among other things.)


Are forget and forgive as opposite as "give" and take (or "get")?

"No rational prosecutor would indict a ham sandwiched between the devil and the deep blue swamp, just as no order in the court condones justice rendered blind, deaf and dumb."

James Ulysses Jones, LL*

"I think it should be 50-50-50!"


*Suffix LL, "Legis Lord," is a post-doctorate degree of separation further away from common rif-raff than the stuffiest stuck-up Cambridge and/or Oxford sophistry professor who ever tied a bow.

Stars and Stripes Forever

I hope Trump is assassinated’: A Missouri lawmaker faces mounting calls to resign after Facebook comment*

The Battle Him of the Republic

"Missouri," my dad pronounced, "misery," when I was about 8.

This struck me as an amusing insult. Now as plain Missouri loves company, it's hysterical!

The Star Spangled Banner

*Among those in the no, it's called "FLAMING," kind of like typical knee jerks try to transfer via Alinsky projection hijacking Freud, "FIRED," by "iso-immolation".

Jack 'it told all of US all about this in exquisitly eloquent if not grave as limned detail, whether he meant to, or not.