Reading, Writing and Arithmetic



As Denver psycho-babble psycho-drama pretends benefit, acts "aftend malifect".

"As creation evolves against regressive entropy, serendipity more than quells irony."

Sitting Cloud

Afraid of enabling any citizen empowerment to prosper and protect himself, his family and property, what heavy guilts burden who would want him left helplessly dependent?

What plots and ploys could have been hatched as now threaten to incriminate phrenetic paranoid labeling of offenses, signs and symptoms "others" present?

Has the Pope committed “immortal sin”?

Tantamount to coercion as extortion, history presents a list of total failure in such fools' errands sloppy force applied for power and profit, irony, as karma must simply relate the LAW just cause balance effect.

Best intentions "existend" worst extensions, like who laugh first.

"Among other things, pending further review, define in terms of use, as it were, so forth and so on, if one will, in modestly humble opinion, body politic cerebral process structure glial support neural cell form balance function faculty of course of human events pass grade class degrees of separation facility past present future bodes be bet better means odds chance evens ends."

Emile Litella, LL


Pending further review

Terms of Service

May be Pascal's Right Triangle Pythagorean by natural inclination to the right?

Denominations, Cults and Sects

Reduced to the lowest common denomination, who count?

Acknowledged as most adaptive, do most fit the description?

What "establishment" of religion respects Congress officially by government authority?

Vis à vis Elizabeth Warren, is Harvard more properly recognized as an institution of hire learning?

In mal-actuary-antitrust-denial-complex spun threads weft twist warps loom constructs in the fabric of our lies left?

What least plausible deniability suit ties cover?

Could that they would cults of personality disorder be caused by iatragenic job security irony ill will cast doubt on who may be actually healthy enough for sects?